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        Expert's Voice

        Episode 1

        Reading Made Smart: How artificial intelligence made the difference in my practice?

        Miguel Mascarenhas Saraiva

        30 April 2021

        Episode 2

        Case studies: immersion into VUE Smart for more evident details

        Asad Izziddin Dajani

        28 May 2021

        Episode 3

        What's new in capsule endoscopy research, technology and clinical practice: a short update

        Anastasios Koulaouzidis MD, M.D., Ph.D.

        25 June 2021

        Episode 4

        Emergency capsule for non-hematemesis GI bleeding

        Dr. Jean-Francois Rey

        30 July 2021

        Episode 5

        OMOM Robotic Capsule Unveiled: Take One Step Further, A Prospective, Feasibility, Two Center Study

        Prof. Xia XIE

        27 August 2021

        Episode 6

        Role of AI in Capsule Endoscopy Diagnosis

        Prof. John Plevris

        24 September 2021

        Episode 7

        Reference centers for capsule endoscopy in Russia - experience with the COVID pandemic

        Prof. Shcherbakov Petr Leonidovich

        15 October 2021



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