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      1. Easy for Operation
        Safe for Patient

        ENDOLINQ ? Endoscopic CO2 Insufflator

        Carbon Dioxide is a more ideal material for insufflation compared to room air, due to its fast absorbing nature.

        Intuitive Workflow

        Easy and intuitive interface will ease physician’s learning curve.


        Pressure Alarm will warn the user and automatically shut down at threshold high or low pressure.


        Endolinq works with all major endoscopy brands. You can easily set up with adaptors and disinfect them for repeated use.

        Precision Control

        2-level flow rate with simple click and numeric display.


        Maximum Feeding Pressure

        0.9 MPa (after depressurization)


        Output Volume

        2L/Min (± 0.3L/min)
        3L/Min (± 0.3L/min)

        Pressure Reducer

        EG-2103 UK Standard
        EG-2104 GER Standard
        EG-2105 US Standard
        EG-2106 FR Standard


        Central Gas Supply Unit

        EG-2108US Standard
        EG-2109 UK Standard
        EG-2110 FR Standard
        EG-2111 GER Standard

        Compatible Endoscopy Brands

        Olympus, Fujifilms,
        Pentax,Sonoscape, and etc.

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