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      1. Less Is More

        OMOM HD Capsule Endoscopy Platform

        OMOM HD system Integrates with the evolving Artificial Intelligence and the most advanced optical technology, the latest OMOM HD capsule endoscopy system aims to assist healthcare professionals with unprecedented ease of interpreting capsule endoscopy studies.

        Composite Cap

        with scratch resistance

        New Lens

        172° angle of view
        0-50mm depth of field

        4 LED Lights

        provides even and optimized illumination

        Advanced Sensor

        512x512 resolution
        2-10 F/S adaptive rate


        12 hours working time

        Compact recorder,
        Exceptionally Easy


        OMOM HD streamlines CE workflow,
        dramatically decreasing time of preparation.

        Simple preparation

        Starting procedure immediately through recorder
        system with upgraded monitor. No softare needed

        Real-time View

        Wider screen offers better experience of viewing
        real-time images

        Fast download

        5 minutes to load all data into software

        Disposable Belt Cover,
        Your New Choice

        Disposable belt cover is now available as contact-free option

        AI Powers, Smarter Ever


        Utilizing our proprietary algorithms, SmartScan processes the raw files by deleting up to 90% redundancy, identifying and tagging as many as 16 types of abnormalities. Click for Details.


        SmartView reading mode will only play the pictures picked up by Smartscan, assisting users in quickly navigating through the full video.


        By capturing the most prominent characteristics of selected images with predictive results, SmartFinding helps doctors by displaying the abnormalities and suggesting descriptions.

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